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The First Solar Asphalt Shingle

Looks, feels, and installs like a traditional shingle


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One Solution For Roofing And Solar

​Current solar roofing products are expensive, difficult to install, and do not look like traditional materials.

HOAs and consumers do not like the aesthetics of traditional solar panels, modern solar roofs are difficult and time consuming to install creating a headache and poor bottom line for both homeowner and installer alike.

  • Enables all roofing providers to install solar

  • Expedites install process for consumer and providers

  • Eliminates warranty concerns

  • Reduces cost to all parties

One Installation

Eliminates multiple large construction crews working week after week, your whole roof can be installed in a few days

Versatility in Application

Eliminates complex installations over hips, ridges, and cutup roofs. No more jigsaw puzzle like Tesla Roofs

One Warranty

No more finger pointing between installers if the roof leaks, one company, one crew

Full Customer Experience Service

Integrates with all modern power management and storage systems. Monitor your system and usage from your phone on the go

shingle house 2.jpeg

Solving the Most Common Problems in Residential Solar


"I would like to have solar energy but don't want unattractive solar panels on my roof"

"I want to buy solar buy my HOA bylaws prohibit rooftop solar panels"

"I wish I could buy solar panels that look like shingles"

Leading competition products still do not look like traditional shingles

The US is just beginning the transition to solar


Residential Solar Installs in 2023


Residential Roof Installs in 2023




Average cost of Solar and Roof respectively


Solar Industry Growth 

YoY '22 - '23


Of US homes have Solar

Are You Ready to Accelerate The Transition?

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